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J. B. Charbonneau Saga

By Duane Preimsberger

     Many of the Temecula Valley Museum Docents and hundreds and hundreds of Temecula Valley school kids have explored the, “They Passed This Way,” granite monument in Sam Hicks Park. While there, they may have heard Docent Norm Taylor spin a delightful story about Jean Baptiste or J.B. Charbonneau, the son of trapper Touissant Charbonneau and his 16 year old Shoshone wife, Sacagawea. J.B. was born to the couple in the Dakotas in 1805 during the Lewis and Clark Expedition as the Expedition journeyed west across the United States, looking for a North-West passage, at the request of President Jefferson. This 4000 mile + round trip journey, one of the most memorable in American history, helped to open the West to settlers into the next century.

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