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A1965 View of Temecula

From a 1956 issue of Guenther's Gazette - author unknown

     Six quick miles south of Guenther’s, this scattered collection of build-ings dreams under a brassy sun and leans with habit against the insistent wind. Not infrequently some feature writer for one of the Metropolitan dai-lies discovers the place and shortly thereafter Temecula is dramatized in a Sun-day issue. The treatment is usually typical Sunday Supplement. First a word pic-ture of the place followed by a brief history. Research for this comes from a bartender who’s been here six weeks, or some equally reliable source; a little hearty humor calculated to amuse Metropolitan readers and escalate their ur-ban superiority, and possibly a quick delineation of quasi town character pre-sumably typical and suffering from a beer hangover. This heavy nonsense if plentifully larded with dramatic shots by a staff photographer and a complete page has been devoted to this “Historic” hamlet.

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