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The Temecula Valley And Its’ Water History
By Darell Farnbach

     Think of the Temecula Valley as God created it. Visualize a flat pan with an outlet on one side. The flat pan runs up to Lake Elsinore, around to French Valley, up to Sunshine Summit in San Diego County, past Aguanga and around the north side of Mt. Palomar, and down to Pechanga.
     The outlet is the Santa Margarita Gorge. The drainage comes from Murrieta Creek, Santa Gertrudis Creek (sort of parallel to Winchester Road), Temecula Creek and Pechanga Creek.
     This is what the Native Americans had. It provided them with year round water, which gave the plants and animals what they needed for their subsistence. The land was very wet and swampy. Ducks, geese and all sorts of waterfowl stopped by on their migrations.

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