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Meet Ole Larson

By Helene Seay

(Helene Seay was one of Erle Stanley Garnder’s secretaries in the late 50’s and early 60’s.
Her family shared a number of items from her files, and this article was among them.
Helene wrote for a Temecula Talks column that appeared in local papers. -- Editor)

     Ole Larson, our constable, is far from being the oldest “old-timer” in Temecula but he is one of the most interesting and far and away the most approachable; you see, he has this thing about saying “no.” He just doesn’t know how. Long before I met Ole and his charming wife, Naomi, at a wedding in town several years ago, I kept running into a stock answer whenever I asked questions about an old building or an incident sketchily referred to in conversation. It would either be, “Ask Ole Larson. He’ll know.” Or, “Ask Ole. He was there.” So I followed this advice and he did know and he was there.

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