TVHS Committee List

There are 15 members serving on committees

An asterisk (*) after a committee name denotes the head of a committee.

Last First Committee(s)
Cady Cheryl Public Relations* | Annual Dinner*
Crall Shari Public Relations | Annual Dinner | Bylaw
Cude Lynn Membership* | Notable Women* | Annual Dinner
Cude Roger Website* | Newsletter (Publisher) | Bylaw
Culverhouse Elaine Scholarship | Annual Dinner | Bylaw
Dechert Suzanne Scholarship| Annual Dinner | Volunteers
Farnbach Darell Research & Preservation*
Farnbach Rebecca Meeting Program Speakers* | Nominating*
Fox Dick Newsletter* (Editor) | Website | Bylaw* | Nominating
Kent Bob Projects* | Nominating
Martland Bonnie Scholarship* | Annual Dinner
Masiel-Zamora Myra Website
Moore Peg Old Town Review Board*
Reed Bonnie Projects
Washum Phil Tours*

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