TVHS Committee List

There are 20 committees

Each committee chairperson is listed first, followed by other members in alphabetical order.

Committee Chairperson Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Member 5 Member 6 Member 7 Member 8
Annual Dinner Shari Crall Cheryl Cady Lynn Cude Elaine Culverhouse Suzanne Dechert Rebecca Farnbach Bonnie Martland
Audit Roger Cude Elaine Eshom Dick Fox Bob Kent
Brochure Distribution Suzanne Dechert Dana Thoman
ByLaw Dick Fox Shari Crall Roger Cude Elaine Culverhouse
Events & Education Rebecca Farnbach
Hospitality Lynn Cude Roger Cude Patricia Jennings
Media Release Shari Crall Rebecca Farnbach
Membership Lynn Cude Roger Cude
Newsletter Dick Fox (Ed.) Roger Cude (Pub.) Rebecca Farnbach
Nominating Dick Fox Shari Crall Rebecca Farnbach Carol Strode
Notable Men Rick Reiss Gerry Nicholas
Notable Women Lynn Cude Loretta Barnett Michele Elling Elaine Eshom Julie Gilbart Mindy Johnson Shelley Leddy Bonnie Martland
Plaque Bob Kent
Program Rebecca Farnbach
Research & Preservation Darell Farnbach Rebecca Farnbach Jeffery Harmon Lisa Woodward
Scholarship Bonnie Martland Elaine Culverhouse Suzanne Dechert Carol Strode
Tour & Outing Phil Washum
Valley News Articles Bonnie Martland Shari Crall
Volunteer Suzanne Dechert
Website Roger Cude Dick Fox

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