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Monday, June 24th at  6:00 p.m.
   Steven & Patrice Demory will give a presentation about the U.S. Balloon Corps in the Civil War. They will portray Thaddeus Lowe and his wife Leontine in period attire will give an extensive PowerPoint presentation “Thaddeus Lowe and the U.S. Balloon Corps," a little known aspect of the American Civil War.

   The U.S. Balloon Corps is considered the forerunner of today's Air Force and paved the way for our nation's future in the sky. Their presentation primarily focuses on the Balloon Corps during the Civil War and Thaddeus Lowe's pre-war biography and activities that led to his founding of the Corps. Also, included will be information on the technology and personalities involved with the Balloon Corps as well as the tactical use of “aerostats” in battle. The Confederates were also very interested in the tactical advantages of using balloon, therefore, the Confederate "Silk Dress" balloon will be addressed, as well.

   The U.S. Balloon Corps was officially formed on July 25th, 1861 and was commanded by Professor Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, a scientist, inventor, aeronaut, balloon manufacturer and patriot. At the onset of the Civil War, Lowe offered his services to President Lincoln who personally appointed him as Chief of the Aeronautic Department of the Army of the Potomac. Professor Lowe made over 3,000 ascensions and became known as "The Most Shot at Man in the Civil War."

   The primary mission of the Balloon Corps was reconnaissance: To observe Confederate Army operations and troop movements and report its findings to the command staff. During the first two and a half years of the war, Professor Lowe achieved an amazing record of innovations, which include:

* First use of Airborne Telegraph
* Built and operated the First Aircraft Carrier
* Developed Mobile Hydrogen Gas Generators to Inflate Balloons in the Field
* Invented Aerial Artillery Spotting
* Revolutionized the science of map making

   In addition, the presentation will cover Professor Lowe's post-war achievements, including his residency in Pasadena, his contributions to Southern California and the building of the Mount Lowe Railway.

Steven and Patrice Demory as Thaddeus and Leontine Lowe

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